A Synergetic Model for Operant Behaviors Under the Control of Fixed Interval Reinforcement Schedules

  • Shih-Che Lin
  • Jay-Shake Li


This study presents a nonlinear dynamical model for operant responses under the FI reinforcement schedule based on the synergetic concept. The model simulates different types of behavioral dynamics seen in the extended return map (ERM) patterns, as well as the “scalloped-curve” using data averaged over a whole session. We compared our results with the performance of a very popular model for operant behaviors, Machado’s LeT model. It was found that although both models can successfully reproduce the scalloped-curve built from the averaged data, only the synergetic model is capable of simulating the real time dynamics of FI-responses revealed in the ERM-patterns.


Operant FI schedule synergetic extended return map LeT 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Shih-Che Lin
    • 1
  • Jay-Shake Li
  1. 1.Departmet of Psychology National ChungCheng University 168Ming-Hsiung Chia-YiTaiwan

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