Operable Breast Cancer: Neoadjuvant Treatment (Methodology)

  • Manfred Kaufmann
  • Sibylle Loibl
  • Gunter von Minckwitz
Part of the Methods of Cancer Diagnosis, Therapy and Prognosis book series (HAYAT, volume 1)

Primary operable breast cancer has been treated by neoadjuvant systemic therapy (NST) to make breast conservation possible in some patients with operable disease who otherwise would require a mastectomy. Nowadays, the surgical defect is expected to be as limited as possible. Neoadjuvant systemic therapy has become widely accepted as the treatment of choice for patients with locally advanced disease, large inoperable tumors or inflammatory disease to convert inoperable to operable primary tumors. Although the terms primary systemic therapy and preoperative therapy are more accurate descriptions of this treatment, NST is the term that has come into broad use, and that is the term we will use here (Kaufmann et al., 2003, 2006).


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  • Sibylle Loibl
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