Globalization, Education Reforms and Immigrant Students in Canada

  • Suzanne Majhanovich
Part of the Globalisation, Comparative Education and Policy Research book series (GCEP, volume 2)

In 1988 the Premier of the province of Ontario commissioned a report that signaled changes ahead in provincial education. The report was entitled People and Skills in the New Global Economy (1990) and was supposed to furnish a picture of the status of education in Canada, and more specifically in its most populous province, Ontario. Moreover, the Premier wished to provide a blueprint for changes in education geared to preparing citizens of Ontario to be active members in the global economy. The document was prepared by the Premier’s Council of Advisers, the majority of whom (20 out of 34) came from the business sector. The Government was represented by the Minister of Education, Skills Development and Colleges and Universities, the Minister of Labour, the Minister of Economics and Provincial Treasurer, and the Minister of Industry, Trade and Technology, but the education sector included only two university presidents, a president of a community college, a professor who was also chair of the Science Council of Canada, and one school trustee. Considering that the plan produced would set into motion far-reaching changes in education and training in the province, the Council was remarkable for the absence of representation from the education community. To be fair, the final report does acknowledge input from professors at several universities and one member of the Toronto Board of Education.


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