Glutathione Production in Yeast

  • Anand K. Bachhawat
  • Dwaipayan Ganguli
  • Jaspreet Kaur
  • Neha Kasturia
  • Anil Thakur
  • Hardeep Kaur
  • Akhilesh Kumar
  • Amit Yadav

Glutathione, γ -glutamyl-cysteinyl-glycine, is the most abundant non-protein thiol found in almost all eukaryotic cells (and in some prokaryotes). The tripeptide, which is synthesized non-ribosomally by the consecutive action of two soluble enzymes, is needed for carrying out numerous functions in the cell, most important of which is the maintenance of the redox buffer. The cycle of glutathione biosynthesis and degradation forms part of the γ -glutamyl cycle in most organisms although the latter half of the pathway has not been demonstrated in yeasts. Our current understanding of how glutathione levels are controlled at different levels in the cell is described. Several different routes and processes have been attempted to increase commercial production of glutathione using both yeast and bacteria. In this article we discuss the history of glutathione production in yeast. The current bottlenecks for increased glutathione production are presented based on our current understanding of the regulation of glutathione homeostasis, and possible strategies for overcoming these limitations for further enhancing and improving glutathione production are discussed


Glutathione sulphur yeast biosynthesis rate-limiting steps 


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  • Anand K. Bachhawat
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  • Dwaipayan Ganguli
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  • Jaspreet Kaur
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  • Neha Kasturia
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  • Anil Thakur
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  • Hardeep Kaur
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  • Akhilesh Kumar
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  • Amit Yadav
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  1. 1.Institute of Microbial TechnologyChandigarhIndia

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