Marine Fish Parasites

  • Jorge Cortés
Part of the Monographiae Biologicae book series (MOBI, volume 86)

Forty-seven species of parasites are listed, 46 from the Pacific coast, and 2 from the Caribbean of Costa Rica (one in common between both coasts but in different host fish). Sixteen (34 % ) were newly described species with specimens collected in Costa Rica. Forty species (85 % ) are worms (38 platyhelminths, 1 acanthocephalan and 1 nematode), and the rest (15 % ) are parasitic copepods. Twenty papers dealing with this important group of the marine biodiversity of Costa Rica have been found. Only two species of parasites (copepods) have been reported from the Caribbean, and all reports are from fish, suggesting that there are probably many more species of marine parasites than the 47 species listed herein.


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