Developing our Authority of Experience: Pre-service Teachers and Teacher Educator as Co-learners

Part of the Self-Study of Teaching and Teacher Education Practices book series (STEP, volume 6)

This chapter explores issues of authority and power. I have presented my learning in four sections. The first section highlights and examines a pivotal interaction that occurred early in the study which raised issues associated with negotiation, power and authority of experience. The second section is my retrospective analysis of talk during RR sessions and attempts to clarify more about the connection between talk and the development of pre-service teacher authority of experience. The third section I discuss relates to teacher educator talk and examines my talk over time, and establishes the challenges for me in deciphering the intended from the actual in terms of my practice. The final section of my discussion summarises my learning and what it means for me to hold the assumption that pre-service teachers and their teacher educator can be reconceptualised as co-learners.

In my introduction I refer to my initial attempts to negotiate the LTM unit with a cohort of pre-service teachers. I begin by describing a critical interaction which provided the stimulus for researching the ways in which power and authority were being interpreted, constructed and understood by both the pre-service teachers and me, through the vehicle of unit negotiation.


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