A New Professionalism

Part of the Self-Study of Teaching and Teacher Education Practices book series (STEP, volume 6)

My self-study, presented in this book, describes my proactivity as a teacher educator in a Bachelor of Education program and offers an indepth account of how I questioned the culture of teacher education; from the inside. It is an account of my practice as a mathematics teacher educator; how I came to understand more about the nature of taken-for-granted assumptions about teaching and learning and, the impact of those assumptions on pre-service teacher learning; the development of professional knowledge; the impact of reflective practice; and, the importance of relationships in teaching, and learning about teaching. I began to examine what Whitehead (1993) referred to as “living contradictions”.

In one sense, the problem as I defined it was quite simple – I wanted to teach so that pre-service teachers could learn about teaching through their experiences, not mine. In seeking a solution, which required a deliberate challenging of the statusquo, complexities associated with teaching and learning about teaching were further exposed.


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