Hydroelectric Resources Between State and Market in the Alpine Countries

  • Franco Romerio
Part of the Advances in Global Change Research book series (AGLO, volume 31)

This chapter analyzes hydroelectric exploitation in the alpine countries and provides a case study on an installation situated in Switzerland. In particular, it examines the implications of the opening of electricity markets to competition, which raises deep controversies. It takes into account the institutional, socioeconomic, environmental, and energy aspects of the problem. It outlines the historical roots of current problems, as well as the prospects for the medium and long term. As a whole, the article provides a rather positive judgment on the hydroelectric exploitation's prospects, in spite of the complexity of the problems and uncertainties. Concerning the mountain regions, it suggests taking advantage of the opportunity provided by the electricity sector's reorganization in order to improve their situation as electricity producers and traders. In this respect, they should concentrate on peak production and promote green labels.


hydroelectric power electricity market liberalization alpine hydro capacity and output costs and benefits 


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  • Franco Romerio
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