Continuous Crystallization: Nucleation and Size Control as a Function of Crystal Solubility

  • Ingo H. Leubner
Conference paper

Continuous crystallization is an attractive method for large-scale preparation of crystalline materials. To control the crystal size of the product it is desirable to have a theory based on fundamental science that allows simple modeling and accurate predictions. The balanced nucleation and growth (BNG) theory combines nucleation and growth in crystallizations for batch and continuous reactors. It predicts the size dependence as a function of experimentally controlled parameters, like reactant addition rate, crystal solubility, temperature, concentration of ripening, and growth restraining agents. In the present work, the size dependence on crystal solubility is predicted and experimentally supported for continuous crystallization in CSTR (MSMPR) crystallizers.

Keywords Controlled continuous crystallization, controlled double-jet continuous precipitation, MSMPR reactor, CSTR, modeling, experiment, crystal nucleation, crystal size, crystal number, reactant variables, reactant addition rate, suspension density, crystal solubility


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