Alexander Yershov (1818–1867)

  • Alexander Golovin
  • Dina Mkrtychyan
Part of the History of Mechanism and Machine Science book series (HMMS, volume 1)


Alexander Yershov was one of the founders of the Moscow Science School of Mechanisms and Machines. His book Foundation of Kinematics or Elementary Theory about Motion in General and about Mechanisms of Machines Especially was written for the Imperial Moscow University and the Imperial Moscow Technical Supreme School (IMTSS). It was the first Russian textbook on kinematics. The curriculum of the Moscow Educational Industrial School (MEIS and later IMTSS) which was one of the first higher engineering schools in Russia, is significantly connected with the name of Alexander Yershov. He began his career in 1845 at the institute as a teacher of practical mechanics, and then became a Professor, a Class Inspector and finally the Director. As a result of his activity as a Professor of Applied Mechanics and the Director of MEIS, the theoretical education curriculum was widened, the number of courses in practical mechanics was increased and standards were raised for qualification of teachers. Yershov orchestrated the reorganization of IMTSS and achieved equality of status between teachers and pupils at the St. Petersburg Institute of Technology. He also established the Mechanisms Collection of the Theory of Machines and Mechanisms Department at IMTSS.


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  • Dina Mkrtychyan
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