Unicode Searching Algorithm Using Multilevel Binary Tree Applied on Bangla Unicode

  • Md. Akhtaruzzaman
Conference paper


Unicode Searching Algorithm using multilevel binary tree is proposed to search the Unicode in efficient way. The algorithm is applied on Bangla Unicode searching to convert Bijoy string into Unicode string. Firs, the algorithm build a multilevel binary tree based on ACII code with its corresponding Unicode. The tree is build from a multilevel binary sorted data containing ASCII code and its corresponding Unicode. The data must be sorted based on ASCII code. The algorithm takes Bangla Bijoy string as input value and output the same string in Unicode format. The input Bijoy string must be in Unicode readable format


Stein Sorting 


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  • Md. Akhtaruzzaman
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  1. 1.Department of Computer Science and Engineering, International Islamic University Chittagong Dhaka CampusDhaka

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