High-Accuracy ADC Design and Measurements

Part of the Analog Circuits And Signal Processing Series book series (ACSP)

The main bulk of this chapter is dedicated to the design for CMOS integration of the principal ADC circuit blocks. Firstly, a high-level system overview is given of both measurement type and signal-chain type ADCs. Next, a new flexible track-and-hold (T&H) is presented and discussed. The circuit implementation of the proposed cyclic ADC is then presented. A separate section is devoted to a proposed single-ended OTA with high CMRR, since it is a key circuit block needed for high quality operation of the T&H and ADC. Finally, measurement results are documented of the fabricated 12-bit cyclic ADC, as well as simulation results of two laid out pipelined ADCs for 10-bit and 14-bit applications. They serve to demonstrate the potential of the C +C concept to achieving uncalibrated high-accuracy or high-speed. The performances of these circuits in terms of their power and area figures-of-merit (FOM s) are compared to those of other published ADCs of the recent past.


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