Micro/Nano Speckle Method With Applications to Material, Tissue Engineering and Heart Mechanics

  • Fu-Pen Chiang
Conference paper


Using a random speckle pattern as a quantitative transducer for displacement and deformation measurement constitutes a major milestone in the advancement of experimental mechanics techniques. Heretofore, displacement or strain transducers or gages utilize regular patterns as the measurement base. It is the dimensional changes of these bases that are converted into displacement/strain information. The speckle method, on the other hand, uses a random array of particles (either physical or virtual) as displacement transducers. The displacement information of a cluster of random particles is obtained either through correlation calculations with its neighbors or a Fourier transform processing scheme. It is the latter approach that will be discussed in this paper.


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    Chiang, F.P. Optical Engineering, vol. 42(5), 1288–1292, 2003CrossRefGoogle Scholar

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