Can African Farming Be Improved? (And Can Agronomists Help?)

I must confess that when I started to write this final chapter I was not sure what I was going to say. It had to be something of a grand finale, of course, looking into the future, armed with the lessons from the past and bringing the materials from the earlier chapters to their full fruition. I had been jotting down ideas, but taken together they did not form a coherent vision. And perhaps they could not have, because I am in the habit of vacillating between enthusiasm about the African farmer and the good things he is capable of doing, and despondency about the little that has been accomplished and the slow but steady demise of smallholder farming, while the farmers’ sons are trying to escape en masse to the west. That does not augur well for a thoughtful synthesis which can help chart the course ahead, but I will try anyway.


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