Securing Your Embedded System Application

The applications of embedded systems are growing in the areas such as cell phones, cars, spacecraft, biomedical sensitive, and defense. The main concern for deployment in these application sectors is security. Security has been the subject of intensive research in the context of general-purpose computing and communications systems. In computing and networking products there are established devices and algorithmic methodologies for ensuring the security of the code. The security concerns about the embedded systems are well covered in many references [38; 39; 40; 41; 42; 43]. Security is often misconstrued by embedded system designers as the addition of features such as specific cryptographic algorithms and security protocols to the system. In reality, it is a new dimension that designers should consider throughout the design process, along with other metrics such as cost, performance, and power. The challenges unique to embedded systems require new approaches to security covering all aspects of embedded system design from architecture to implementation. Security processing, which refers to the computations that must be performed in a system for the purpose of security, can easily overwhelm the computational capabilities of processors in both low- and high-end embedded systems [38].


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