Being Punk Helps to Perform a Phenomenological Study

  • Georgina Hawley
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I live in a quiet quintessential English village. In the centre of the village are the ‘green’ and duck pond, the bus stop, one pub, and the village shop. The church is also there with its rising damp and fallen grave stones. One morning I went to collect my newspaper from the shop on the way home from church. On entering the shop I was asked, ‘Did you see the punk?’ I had to reply in the negative, as I could not recollect seeing a punk. ‘He was waiting for the bus, you must have seen him, you couldn’t miss him so glad he got on the bus we don’t want the likes of him around here’, ‘you should have seen him Rev’d Georgie he was dreadful – purple spiky hair, black jeans and shirt, and a black leather jacket he had rings in his ears and even one in his eyebrow. I was scared he might come in the shop’.


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