Assessment in a Global Science Literacy and Korean Context

  • Jeonghee Nam
  • Victor J. Mayer
Part of the Science & Technology Education Library book series (CTISE, volume 15)


In this chapter, we discuss assessment in science education in a Korean context. We then identify the special characteristics of Global Science Literacy (GSL) and apply them to the role of assessment in future science education programs. In doing so, we define the concept of ‘authentic assessment’ in terms of GSL and discuss its significance in the real world of science curriculum development and implementation. Finally, we make judgments concerning the effect of Korean evaluation strategies on the likelihood of dramatically different curriculums, such as those based on GSL, being implemented in Korea, and by implication, other countries having evaluation systems similar to that of Korea.


Science Teacher Science Curriculum High Stake Testing Authentic Assessment Peace Education 
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  • Jeonghee Nam
    • 1
  • Victor J. Mayer
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  1. 1.Pusan National UniversityKorea
  2. 2.The Ohio State UniversityUSA

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