Catholic Schooling: Responses of Malawian Students

  • Martin Mtumbuka
Part of the International Handbooks of Religion and Education book series (IHRE, volume 2)

This chapter has two main sections. The first section discusses responses of fi nal year students to Catholic secondary schooling in Malawi. The discussion is based on the data collected during a study conducted by the writer in 1998.1 The section has nine subsections: students' expectations; school life and climate; the curriculum; religious education; belief and faith values; infl uences on students' religious development; support for individual students; sense of community; agents of community spirit; and students' personal goals for the future. Although this study was done in Malawi its fi ndings are in most cases very similar to those found by Carmody (1999) in Zambia. To that extent, therefore, the fi ndings can be said to represent responses of students to Catholic schooling in southern Africa. In addition, some responses are compared and/or contrasted with those students in countries outside Africa such as Australia and the USA.


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