Against a global Leviathan

Part of the Studies In Global Justice book series (JUST, volume 3)

Having addressed the first objection – that the world state is superfluous by virtue of the fact that the world can also be ordered without a state – we are lead to a model that stands the test of three further objections. A world republic that is complementary, subsidiary and federal in nature withstands criticisms from democratic pacifism, communitarianism, globalism as well as the claim that it is ungovernable. Yet, before we can claim our model is altogether acceptable and feasible, another three important criticisms must be scrutinised: that the world state endangers freedom; that it threatens the competition that is required to enhance collective well-being; and that a necessary condition for the world state, namely a global public, is non-existent. When taken together, these three objections can be condensed to one question: does the world state in actuality not amount to a global Leviathan?


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