Terminology for the ageing of chondrichthyan fish using dorsal-fin spines

  • Maurice W. Clarke
  • Sarah B. Irvine
Part of the Developments in Environmental Biology of Fishes book series (DEBF, volume 25)


Dorsal-fin spines are becoming increasingly popular as a suitable structure for ageing some chondrichthyan fishes. However, the terminology used to describe dorsal-fin structure is often inconsistent between studies, and is consequently unclear. Standardised terms and definitions of the dorsal-fin spine structure are proposed, with particular focus on those areas that are used for age and growth studies.


Squaliformes Heterodontiformes Chimaeriformes Age Growth 


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  1. 1.Marine InstituteGTPParkmore, GalwayIreland
  2. 2.Department of Fisheries Western AustraliaLevel 3 The AtriumPerthAustralia

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