Creating the Portraits - An Interpretive Framework

  • Ruth Hayhoe
Part of the CERC Studies in Comparative Education book series (CERC, volume 17)


This book is being written in order to sketch out portraits of eleven influential educators in contemporary China. My purpose in writing the book is to make possible a subjective account of some of the important educational ideas and values of Chinese culture, through the lives of educators who have lived through a century of dramatic change, suffered greatly but remained true to their calling. The life experiences which they chose to share with me express their personal understanding of their educational mission, and the meaning of their lives. The ways in which they lived their lives, and their educational ideas give insights into the treasures of a civilization very different from that of Europe and North America. In this period of dialogue among civilizations, Chinese educational thought and practice constitutes a global heritage, with much to offer to educators around the world. This book undertakes to communicate aspects of this heritage within a comparative perspective.


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