• Rudolf Svoboda
  • Jan Škliba
  • Radek Matějec
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Hydraulic dampers represent one of the basic instruments for absorption of vibration in dynamic systems. The damper is substituted either by its hydraulic velocity characteristic, or directly by a mathematical model as a dynamic subsystem. The standard damper model does not provide satisfactory results especially those concerning the strokes of all four damper valves. To improve these results it is necessary to simulate the flows through valves more precisely and, last but not least, to set adequately correct values to all essential parameters of both mechanical and hydraulic parts of the damper. In the paper is presented a new, corrected formula for discharge flow coefficients based on the measurements of flow characteristics of throttle elements of the damper with constant as well as variable slot width. The experimental equipment used for identification process is described as well.


Valve Plate Discharge Valve Supply Channel Dynamic Subsystem Damp Model 
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  • Rudolf Svoboda
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  • Jan Škliba
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  • Radek Matějec
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  2. 2.Technical University of LiberecCzech Republic

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