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“Flooding of urban land is a frequent, natural or manmade disaster in large or small scale” (Yen, 1995). Flood inundation constitutes a complex problem due to the interaction between flow and infrastructures present in the plain. In this study, by means of a two-dimensional unsteady flow model that implements the complete De Saint Venant equations, different conditions of inundated plain are analysed. Floodplain analysis is needed in many practical situations, mainly because is in lowlands that human activities are concentrated. The study of the inundated plain requires at the same time quite of effort in terms of modelling, computational resources and data acquisition. The need for a two-dimensional model and the presence of a great number of different structures in the inundated zone make the problem complex. The effect of the plain topography, the presence of irrigation and/or natural channels, of roads, highways, railways, low dikes and culverts affect the pattern of the flooding flow and can change it considerably.


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