Living With Ethical Dilemmas

Part of the The International Library of Environmental, Agricultural and Food Ethics book series (LEAF, volume 5)

Do you want Dilemma and Compromise or Food Fights on your plate?

Does this scrambled egg from a battery hen fits with the lightly salted ham from a free range pig? Are here any food fights on my breakfast table? But look, the pig has got its teeth cut; so what is the difference between a free range pig and a battery hen? Does it still taste as good? Your company likes it! And what of farmed salmon (of which its certificate claims that it is environmentally sound bred) which is accompanied by genetic modified potato cookies, where no pesticide are used? Is this a sustainable mix on my plate? But the seashore is already ruined by fish farming and the plate seems to taste like that. The dessert of Rum Baba with sorbet and cherries tastes excellent, but somewhere your palate is remembered by the child labor that is accumulated in the cherries. Eating dilemmas and having a nice evening with your friends?


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