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The Future Of Nutrition And Agriculture

Part of the The International Library of Environmental, Agricultural and Food Ethics book series (LEAF, volume 5)

The previous chapters included a discussion of the three challenges that nutrition and agriculture are faced with, and that present us mortals with great ethical problems. We are talking of the union of technology and standards, dealing with the pluralism in food systems, and bridging the gap between consumers and producers.

The first challenge is the selective embedment of technological processes within a normative context. Whether we are talking of the treatment of plants or animals, of physical health in the western world, or of starving farmers in underdeveloped countries, in all these situations we are challenged to adapt our societal standards and to shape the technological processes through interaction with normative learning processes. Directly in line with this we see the responsibilities of the food industry and nutrition experts shifting, in response to new practices in the food chain.


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