Orders of Scattering and Multiple-Scattering Matrices

  • Joop W. Hovenier
  • Cornelis Van Der Mee
  • Helmut Domke
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Throughout this chapter we consider a plane-parallel scattering medium, like an atmosphere, which is macroscopically isotropic and symmetric, and external light sources that create radiation fields which are the same at all locations in a horizontal plane. In particular, we consider a monodirectional beam of light incident at each point of the top of the medium. This is a good approximation of the light received from one light source far above the medium, such as the light of the Sun entering a locally plane-parallel part of a planetary atmosphere. We will assume that there are no light sources embedded in the medium.


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  • Joop W. Hovenier
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  • Cornelis Van Der Mee
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  • Helmut Domke
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