Plane-parallel Media

  • Joop W. Hovenier
  • Cornelis Van Der Mee
  • Helmut Domke
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In Chapters 1 and 2 we have primarily discussed two topics: the description of quasi-monochromatic polarized light by means of an intensity vector or flux vector and single scattering processes within macroscopically isotropic media with mirror symmetry. This has led to the concept of a scattering matrix which transforms the flux vector of an incident beam into the flux vector of the scattered beam, where both flux vectors consist of four Stokes parameters and the scattering plane acts as a plane of reference. Generally, the scattering matrix depends on the position in the medium and on the scattering angle. The single scattering process in the medium concerned is described by a scattering coefficient and by a scattering matrix of the form (2.135) where the 1, 1-element is normalized by Eq. (2.137).


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