The Ism from the Soft X-ray Background Perspective

  • S. L. Snowden
Conference paper
Part of the Astrophysics and Space Science Library book series (ASSL, volume 309)


In the past few years progress in understanding the local and Galactic ISM in terms of the diffuse X-ray background has been as much about what hasn’t been seen as it has been about detections. High resolution spectra of the local SXRB have been observed, but are inconsistent with current thermal emission models. An excess over the extrapolation of the high-energy (most clearly visible at E > 1.5 keV) extragalactic power law down to ¾ keV has been observed but only at the level consistent with cosmological models, implying the absence of at least a bright hot Galactic halo. A very recent FUSE result indicates that O VI emission from the Local Hot Bubble is insignificant, if it exists at all, a result which is also inconsistent with current thermal emission models. A (very) short review of the Galactic SXRB and ISM is presented.


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