Plant Mitochondrial Carriers

  • Ferdinando Palmieri
  • Nathalie Picault
  • Luigi Palmieri
  • Michael Hodges
Part of the Advances in Photosynthesis and Respiration book series (AIPH, volume 17)


The metabolic communication between plant mitochondria and the cytosol requires the flux of metabolites, nucleotides and cofactors across the inner mitochondrial membrane. This is accomplished by a family of mitochondrial carrier pro-teins (better characterized in animal and yeast) that span the inner membrane lipid bilayer and share distinct common sequence features. Early studies, using isolated plant mitochondria and partially purified membrane proteins, revealed the existence of several mitochondrial transport activities. However, molecular research on the proteins responsible for these activities and their genes is sparse. The in silico analysis of the complete Arabidopsis thaliana genome has revealed almost 60 genes encoding putative members of the mitochondrial carrier family. To identify and characterize plant mitochondrial carriers, recombinant protein technology and functional reconstitution techniques developed for animal and yeast carrier proteins, together with a wide-range of recently developed functional-genomic tools, are currency being exploited. This has led to the recent functional identification of several plant mitochondrial carrier family members. These achievements explain and extend pre-genomic findings. This information will be important in the quest to better understand mitochondrial function in plant cell metabolism at the integrative level.


Adenine Nucleotide Uncouple Protein Plant Mitochondrion Mitochondrial Carrier Phosphate Carrier 
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ADP/ATP carrier


Basic amino acid carrier


Carnitine/acylcarnitinc carrier


Citrate carrier


Dicarboxylate carrier


Dicarboxylate/tricarboxylate carri


Mitochondrial carrier family


Oxaloacetate carrier


Oxodicarboxylate carrier


2-Oxoglutarate carrier


Phosphate carrier


Succinate/fumaratc carrier


Uncoupling protein


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