Picosecond Dynamic Processes of Molecular Liquids in Confined Spaces — A Review of Results in Porous Glasses

  • Jack Yarwood
Part of the NATO Science Series book series (NAII, volume 133)


Techniques for the measurement of psec dynamic processes of liquids confined in silica-gel pores are reviewed in the context of ‘nonwetting’ (CS2, CHC13) and wetting (CH3CN,H20) liquids. The data presented show how ‘physical’ (geometry driven) and ‘chemical’ (interaction driven) confinement may be distinguished, i.e., how modifications to ‘host’ or guest chemistry may be used to elucidate the dominating thermodynamic drivers. It is shown how real time decay and band shape measurements, or light and neutron scattering techniques, can be used in a complementary fashion to provide fundamental information of importance for a variety of industrially important processes


Bulk Water Porous Glass Water Network Translational Diffusion Coefficient Optical Kerr Effect 
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