Preparative-scale separation of enantiomers on chiral stationary phases by gas chromatography

  • Volker Schurig

The state-of-the-art if enantioselective (semi)preparative gas chromatography (GC) is reviewed. The treatise illuminates the historical background, early trails and recent advances. A comprehensive compendium of referece is provides. Enantiomers are separated by three types of molecular interactions: hydrogen-bonding, coordination and (inter alia) inclusion. Consequently, chiral stationary phases are comprised of dipeptides, metal chelates and (modified) cyclodextrins. Single enantiomers commanding interest in different areas of chemical sciences have been isolated. Absolute configurations of the separated enantiomers are determined by chiroptics and/or by anomalous X-ray diffraction. The amounts of obtained enatiomers suffice for biological trials.

Key Words: Preparative-scale GC, enantiomeric separation, chiral stationary phases, SMB-GC, nitrogen invertomer, inhalation anesthetics, terpenoids, flavours.


Cyclodextrin Dipeptide Terpenoid 


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