The Fable of Education as a Commodity

  • Richard G. Bagnall
Part of the Lifelong Learning Book Series book series (LLLB, volume 1)


Deidre works as Director of a city-wide volunteer agency. The agency functions to match persons who are seeking work in a voluntary capacity, generally on a part-time basis, with organisations that are looking for volunteers. It screens both the employing organisations and the volunteering individuals, the latter through interviews and any indicated checks through referees or identified associations. The organisations are checked to ensure that they are genuine non-profit organisations providing safe working conditions, appropriate public liability insurance, and such like. The agency itself largely relies on volunteers for its staffing, covering its operating costs through public grants, supplemented by some surplus that it makes through running training courses for organisations in areas such as leadership in community organisations, community fund-raising, and workplace health and safety.


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