Sedation — Unconsciousness — Anaesthesia! What are We Talking About?

  • Magna Andreen Sachs


In this chapter I will start off by briefly dwelling on my mission as a doctor and especially as a caregiver involved in end-of-life care. I will then expand on the subject ‘sedation’ and its place in end-of-life care — in which it is called ‘terminal sedation’ — and make sure that we all know what we are talking about and aiming for: sedation or unconsciousness, maybe even anaesthesia. And so we call a spade a spade — and a hammer a hammer — and do not mix up the names of the tools. They are both very useful tools, as are sedation, unconsciousness and anaesthesia — but not for the same purposes! I will then finish off by briefly touching upon the vast difference — in my opinion — between ‘not preventing death from happening’ and ‘actively put an end to life’.


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