Finger Waving

  • Leo Palladino
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Finger waving is a method of moulding the hair into S-shaped movements with the hands, fingers and comb. It is also called water waving or setting. The effects produced are temporary. A finger-waved head of hair was in the past an accepted and popular style or fashion, but now the technique is used as part of a style in training hairdressers and in some competitions and displays. Apart from the effect produced, mastery of the technique achieves the following:
  1. (a)

    an appreciation of wave shape — the basis of styling

  2. (b)

    control of hands, comb and hair

  3. (c)

    exercise for the muscles of hands, arms, back and body

  4. (d)

    gaining self discipline, so essential for the successful professional hairdresser.



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