Biographical Sketch: Norman Kemp Smith (1872–1958)

  • A. J. D. Porteous


NORMAN KEMP SMITH occupied the Chair of Logic and Metaphysics in the University of Edinburgh from 1919 to 1945. He was great not only as a philosopher, a scholar and a teacher—he is one of the few eminent philosophical scholars whom this country has produced—but also as a man. To those, like the present editors, who were fortunate enough to have been his pupils and intimate friends, he has seemed in retrospect to have been one of the most potent single influences in their lives; and his stature seems to grow with the years, making it difficult to write dispassionately about him. Readers of the papers collected in the present volume, including former pupils and scholars familiar with his published writings,1 may wish to know something of the life and character of the author; and for this reason the following biographical sketch has been attempted, with the help of available letters and of information gleaned from the memories of friends and colleagues. It is a record of unremitting thought and splendid academic achievement.


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