High Pressure Mercury Vapour Lamps Having a High Luminance



In Chapter IV we discussed high pressure mercury vapour lamps for general lighting purposes and in Chapter VI high pressure mercury vapour lamps for application in the ultra-violet region. This chapter is concerned with high pressure mercury vapour lamps for use in optical equipment. The most important requirements for such a lamp are small dimensions of the luminous surface and high surface luminance. Only with a lamp meeting these requirements is it possible to design and manufacture a cheap optical apparatus. It can be shown that the high pressure mercury vapour lamp is ideally suited for this purpose. As has been stated previously, when the pressure and specific loading are increased, the light output increases; additionally, the luminance also increases. Consequently, when we are able to solve technological problems — high pressure, high loading, high currents — connected with these requirements, we can make a range of lamps suitable for many optical purposes.


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