Continental Tour, 1580–1582

  • A. L. Rowse


Agontinental tour was almost as important in the education of a young Elizabethan aristocrat as it was again in the eighteenth century. But we are so much better informed about the latter. Here again is a further value of the Throckmorton Diary to us: there is no other account that lets us see so fully and so intimately what the tour did for these young Englishmen, not only their sightseeing, their adventures on the road, whom they met and the acquaintances they made, what they paid for things, but the actual process of their education, the lessons taken in Italian and music, with what tutors and with whom they lodged, the books bought, the difficulties met with. Throckmorton’s meticulous conscientiousness, the detail of the Diary, stand us in good stead. What would we not give for a similar diary of Philip Sidney’s travels on the Continent in the 1570’s or Ralegh’s unrecorded adventures in France!


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