Pressing of Aluminium in the Molten State in the Manufacture of Aluminium-Copper Conductor (Cable) Joints

  • J. Grzéskowiak


Pressing of metal in the molten state is still a new method in metal forming processes and is usually used to manufacture forgings from non-ferrous metals. In Instytut Obrobki Plastycznej the pressing of molten metal has been used to connect two parts made from different metals. The new method is described in the paper on the example of the manufacture of conductor joints made of aluminium and brass or copper. With this method an absolutely tight and non-corroding connection of the precision drop forged copper body with the aluminium cable socket is produced, because the copper body is inserted and pressed in a die in molten aluminium.

Production of conductor joints according to the new method is about 30% cheaper and the quality of joints is much better than joints manufactured according to the old method.


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  • J. Grzéskowiak
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