Les Médias

  • E. J. Neather
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From the whole range of modern media of communication and publicity, this chapter concentrates on the press and the radio, since those are the aspects of the media most likely to be available to foreign observers of the French scene. For English readers, perhaps the most striking difference between the French and English press is the relative importance of national and provincial papers. None of the French national newspapers can compare in circulation with the British dailies; and there are only one or two examples of provincially produced papers in Britain which can compare in importance and sales with provincial dailies such as Ouest-France or La Dépêche du Midi. As far as the radio is concerned, the variety which commercial radio has brought to the British scene in the last few years, makes it easier to understand the multiplicity of French language radio stations, whether broadcasting from French territory, or from the fringes in Luxembourg and Monte Carlo.


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