Between Memory and Lapse of Memory

The First U.G.I.F. Board of Directors
  • Michel Laffitte


The Union générale des israélites de France (UGIF) was founded at the Nazis’ command by a law of the Vichy government on 29 November 1941. A similar organization had already been created in Germany. Centralized councils of this kind were part of the Nazi policy of racial definition as a prelude to exclusion and internment procedures. In Poland, however, from October 1939 onwards, each town had its own Jewish council, called the ‘Judenrat’ or ‘Altestenrat’. The situation was different in France: the first UGIF Board of Directors was not a Judenrat. Its structure was too heterogeneous; its eighteen members never met as a group and the UGIF was never an efficient machine.


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