The Struggle for Justice

A Survey of Child Holocaust Survivors’ Experiences with Restitution
  • Sarah Moskovitz
  • Robert Krell
  • Itzik Moskovitz
  • Arietta Askren


One and a half million children and adolescents were murdered during the Holocaust. Throughout Europe, thousands of children were hidden. They had the best chance of surviving. Very few children survived concentration camps. From 1938 to 1945, children fled (as in the Kindertransport from Germany and Austria), others hid in cellars, forests, orphanages, convents and with Christian families. By the war’s end, the majority of child survivors under age 16 had been orphaned. Many were entirely alone.


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  • Sarah Moskovitz
  • Robert Krell
  • Itzik Moskovitz
  • Arietta Askren

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