Testimonies from the ‘Aryan’ Side

‘Jewish Catholics’ in the Warsaw Ghetto
  • Grace Caporino
  • Diane Isaacs


This research discusses an ironic and significant aspect of the story of Jewish converts and the Holocaust. With the German invasion of Poland in 1939, these so-called ‘Jewish Catholics’ were categorized as Catholics by religion and Jews racial decree. By 1941, they were interned in the Warsaw Ghetto and marked for deportation to the death camp at Treblinka. As recounted in the Encyclopedia of the Holocaust: ‘The 2,000 Warsaw Jews who had been converted to Christianity were also put into the ghetto and one church was left open, under a priest of Jewish parentage, who, with the rest of his flock, was regarded as Jewish under the racist laws.’1 The ironies inherent in their paradoxical designation are discussed in this paper.


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  • Diane Isaacs

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