Josh Malihabadi: “There Will Never Be Another Like You” (Urdu)

  • Saleem Kidwai


Shabbir Hasan Khan (1896–1982), sometimes described as the Sbair-i inqilab (poet of the revolution), wrote under the pen name Josh Malihabadi (Passion of Malihabad). The British government banned some of his poems. In 1956 he migrated to Pakistan. His last published work is his autobiography, Yaadon Ki Baraat (A Procession of Memories).1 In it he admits to being in love eighteen times, twice with men. Josh wrote his first love poems for S. H., an Eurasian boy, whose tutor, himself attracted to the boy, played go-between. Josh’s second beloved was A. H., a classmate. Josh recalls a train trip they took when they had “a great time” alone in a train compartment. Once, when A. H. tried to test Josh’s love for him, Josh flew into a rage and tried to stab himself.2


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