Hakim Muhammad Yusuf Hasan: Do Shiza (Urdu)

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Do Shiza (A/The Virgin, edited by Hakim Muhammad Yusuf Hasan, is purportedly a book on sexual science. Although forgotten now, it probably was very popular in its time because the following extract is from the third edition. The preface consists of a discussion of the Kokashastra (erotic treatises in the Sanskritic tradition). Labeling Kokashastra unreliable, the editor argues that books based on it are salacious and corrupt the national morals. Hasan insists that his book is not a religious but a medical text. He adds: “This book should not be taken to be an erotic treatise. I write these words because I am not writing this book for debauched people. … Instead, by informing readers of human weaknesses, vices, the rules of nature which should not be broken, the book will save them from evil.”2 The following extracts are from the section on child rearing.


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