Padma Purana: Arjuni (Sanskrit)

  • Ruth Vanita
  • Kumkum Roy


The Padma [Lotus] Purana is a Vaishnava text (ca. twelfth century) devoted to the worship of Shri Krishna, incarnation of Vishnu. The Shri Krishna of this text is the god of full-blown medieval Vaishnavism, he whose erotic sport in Braja with Radhika and her friends, the cowherd women, represents the union of the divine with the human spirit.


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    For instance, Robert P. Goldman, “Transsexualism, Gender and Anxiety in Traditional India,” Journal of the American Oriental Society 113: 3 (July–September 1993): 374–401, mentions various accounts of Naradas transformation into a woman in his exhaustive list of sex change stories in ancient mythological texts but fails to mention Arjunas sex change.CrossRefGoogle Scholar

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