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The door of an urban launderette opens. Marvin Gaye’s song “I heard it through the grapevine” starts up on the soundtrack, its taut, soulful groove laying across the unfolding scene. A row of arcane looking washing machines fill the space the camera has entered. The launderette is busy, and steam rises from the machines. Two young women sit together on chairs reading magazines. One wears crazy, white framed “3-D” glasses. Both are in long, flared skirts and wear their hair in high pony-tails. The camera introduces other users of the launderette: a pair of brothers in red reversed baseball caps who are restless and inquisitive in this functional adult domain; their mother, wearily attentive to her sons’ movements and to the washing to be overseen and tended. A grumpy-looking fat man in a hat sits just down from the two young women; a bespectacled lady reads next to him.


Steam Shrinkage Marketing Flare Stake 
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