Politics and Society under the Bolsheviks

An Introduction
  • Kevin Mcdermott
  • John Morison
Part of the International Council for Central and East European Studies book series (ICCEES)


When scholars met in Warsaw in August 1995 at the Fifth World Congress for Central and East European Studies, one of the main themes of discussion for the historians among them was the relationship and interaction between the Bolsheviks and society. Since the previous World Congress in Harrogate in 1990 increased right of access to Russian archives and to hitherto inaccessible materials had opened new opportunities for in-depth study of this general theme, and in particular of society’s attitudes and responses to the Bolshevik regime. It is possible that future opening of the President’s Archive and of all the files of the security police will reveal sensational details, which will be seized upon by the world’s press, and materials which will facilitate a fundamental re-evaluation of the nature and operational methods of the commanding heights of the regime in the Kremlin. What is certain, however, is that the research being undertaken by the scholars whose revised contributions to the Congress are included in this volume, and by other historians working on related topics, will significantly change, modify and expand existing interpretations of relations among the party, the regime and society, and of popular attitudes towards the regime.


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