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The Conduct of the Normandy Campaign

  • Dominick Graham


Two armies, each of two corps, landed between D-day and D+2 on the American beaches Utah and Omaha, and the British Gold, Juno and Sword. Montgomery planned to expand the British beachhead at once to include the road, rail, river and canal centre of Caen (Map 9). By D+2 armoured units were to intrude to disrupt German efforts to cordon off the invaders. On the American sector, the Cotentin peninsula would be cut and Cherbourg, at its northern tip, taken to provide a major port as soon as possible. The bridgehead would be expanded to allow space for the Build-Up corps responsible for the break-out. By that time two American armies, the First and the Third, and the Second British and First Canadian — the latter representing only one extra corps — would be in the line.


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