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The Language of Religion

  • A. C. Goodson
Part of the Coleridge’s Writings book series (COLWRIT)


Coleridge’s deeply personal inquiry into the original character and later state of Christianity is enriched at every turn by his attention to language. Early notes for a ‘Sermon on Faith’ begin, typically, from ‘The scriptural uses of the word—& a promise to shew that however different these meanings appear, yet they do in reality coincide—so far as they are all operations of one faculty.’1 The problem of faith for the rational intelligence is his constant preoccupation. Language appears an irritant to understanding, ’so many scholastic Terms & nice Distinctions ha[ving] been introduced into our Articles & Liturgy.’2 Even the language of Scripture is problematic, as Coleridge’s still earlier Lectures on Revealed Religion notice.3


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