In Search of Respectability: Popular Movements in Scandinavian Democratization — from Voluntary Associations to Mass Organizations

  • Lars Pettersson
Part of the International Political Economy Series book series (IPES)


No serious student of political institutions would today maintain that development can be understood without taking comparative historical research on state and civil society into account. The international debate on determinants of national development takes the issue of mass mobilization and popular participation more and more seriously. Democracy does not only include the establishment of democratic freedoms and universal suffrage, but also the creation of the social and cultural conditions for popular participation in political life by — for instance — the reduction of the working day and through universal education. Political parties must not only be deeply rooted among members and voters; it is not sufficient for a party to mobilize voters during an election; active participation by members and sympathizers between elections is also necessary for a vital democracy.


Nineteenth Century Civil Society Trade Union Labour Movement Mass Organization 
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